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Canon retro adapter.
I built myself a so called retro adaptor for my SLR. This is used to flip-mount a (mostly wide angle lens) to the camera using it as a super magnifying macro lens.
One can get the "dumb" version of this adaptor (an as well used as base for my diy version) for cheap $6.97 at DealExtreme. But this one does not provide controll of focus and aperture. You can get an adapter capable of this functions for as low as € 274,95 here.



Contacs block from an old lens glued to the DX adaptor. Part of the ring was milled away to drill holes for the wires to the contecs.

Filed of view at 18mm focal lenght. (This is a 100€ bill)

1:1 crop (at 1500x1000px, click the image to see more)

You can find more pictures here at my flickr page.
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